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The official term for the art form of hand music is manualism, and involves squeezing one hand against the other to play beautiful melodies rivaling the crisp, clean sound of a violin. While some folks may disagree with this description of the tone produced by the hands of the handful of manualists out there, it takes a lot of practice for one to perfect to where it no longer resembles the sound of flatulence.

I got started back in the early part of 1997 by making noises by squeezing my hands together. It became a habit that I could not rid myself of. Even while waiting for the light to change at traffic lights I would sit there and squeeze my hands together. After about a year, I managed to cultivate the habit as to produce more articulate sound.

Since then, I've made several television appearances and continue to entertain folks with my skills as a manualist. I'm always happy to share my music with others in return for their smiling faces.